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Home Guard N (Brit) cuerpo de voluntarios para la defensa nacional durante la segunda guerra mundial

cliff dwelling - a rock and adobe dwelling constructed on sheltered ledges in the sides of the cliff; "the Anasazi created cliff dwellings inside the southwestern United States"

When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians crew up to safeguard the innocence of kids all around the world.

Real home is a time period commonly Utilized in land law to denote any set house that is certainly hooked up to land, the land by itself as well as affiliated rights.

origin, resource, root, rootage, commencing - the location in which a thing begins, exactly where it springs into staying; "the Italian commencing from the Renaissance"; "Jupiter was the origin on the radiation"; "Pittsburgh could be the source of the Ohio River"; "communism's Russian root"

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Effectively, the night time was younger when we arrived in that community dwelling, and for all of that very Victoria Real Estate first night time that general public property was what I noticed of Japan--a drinking-area which was very like a drinking-area at home or anywhere else in excess of the world.

The bluish ocean shade is really a composite of various contributing agents. Outstanding contributors consist of dissolved organic and natural subject and chlorophyll.[31] Mariners along with other seafarers have claimed that the ocean typically emits a visual glow which extends for miles during the night time.

yurt - a circular domed dwelling that may be portable and self-supporting; originally utilized by nomadic Mongol and Turkic men and women of central Asia but now made use of as reasonably priced option or short term housing

home - a social unit dwelling collectively; "he moved his family members to Virginia"; "It had been a fantastic Christian domestic"; "I waited till The full property was asleep"; "the Instructor requested how Lots of individuals designed up his home"

Other birds that have adapted to oceans as their living Place are penguins, seagulls and pelicans. 7 species of turtles, The ocean turtles, also shell out most in their time in the oceans. Gases

abode, residence - any handle at which you dwell over briefly; "someone may have many residences"

: the place (like a house or apartment) where by somebody lives : a relatives residing with each other in a single constructing, residence, and so forth. : an area where by something Ordinarily or In a natural way lives or is found home

A few huge bedrooms, two comprehensive baths, new hardwood flooring throughout, laundry connections on both concentrations. Substantial sunken lounge that's open up to eating home, stunning new kitchen with big island open up to good space.

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